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Different Kids, Different Discipline

I recently decided to make “Chore Boards” for my kids after hearing about a similar suggestion during last month’s Moms Together meeting (If you want to know the difference between a chore board and a chore chart, I can tell you in a later post).

The kids don’t get paid for doing their chores, it’s just a part of what they need to do as a contributing member of our family. However, I decided they will have to pay ME if they don’t complete their chores.

Yesterday when the kids wanted to do something, I reminded them that if I went up to their room and their chores weren’t done, they would have to pay me.

Upon hearing that news, Kariss (my first born, meticulous child) RACED up to her room to make sure everything was done so she wouldn’t have to part with any money. Britton, on the other hand (my second born, free-spirited, generous child), simply went to his pile of coins he had already been playing with on the floor and said, “Here you mommy, I’ll just give you the money now…do you need any more money?”

Guess I’ll need to come up with a different motivator for that one 😉

A movie I can identify with

I just saw a preview for a movie with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker where two “city folk” find themselves deep in the country. They showed a plate featuring a traditional Southern breakfast (as I’ve come to know thanks to my husband – eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, the works) and Hugh Grant says, “…at least you didn’t eat the breakfast; I can feel my organs shutting down one by one…”
I’m still laughing.

Estate Sale

While I’m all about having my own garage sales to both rid clutter and make some extra cash, I’m not as big of a fan of going around to garage sales.

However, on my way home from dropping Kariss off at school on Friday I spotted a “Moving/Estate Sale” sign. Surely, this would be a jackpot waiting for my arrival!

Not so much.

Once I navigated the treacherous, winding, pebble driveway, I discovered a few OLD clothes (both old in how long they’d been in existence and old in who they’d appeal to) and some other broken trinkets that I’m sure had a lot of sentimental value for the purveyor of said estate sale.

And for that matter, I know strongly believe there should be a governing body deciding on what can and cannot be referred to as an “Estate Sale”. I believe there is a certain expectation of quantity or quality when you go to an estate sale, and haphazardly using the tagline to attract unknowing neighbors (like myself!) should warrant a penalty….I suggest these could be handed out like the fashion police; they don’t carry hard jail time, but they stop and make you think before ever repeating the act again!

So, all you Southerners that are aware of this vicious trend, join me in my plight to rescue unknowing citizens from cat-hair covered couches and kitchy kitchen items that have seen better days.

And that being said…anyone in the mood to help us move in a couple weeks (and maybe find some items to keep and use at your next garage sale) just let us know – we’re always happy to share in excitement 🙂

cold cereal

I just discovered a box of cereal in my fridge…
…can anyone else relate?
The week is too early for my mind to be losing it already!

Personal Stylist

I know most of you thought I was thrifty and didn’t have a lot of money to throw around, so it may come as a surprise to you that I have a personal stylist.

Yup. That’s right. She comes to my house and meticulously grooms me. Well, actually, she’s quite a diva. She doesn’t let me tell her how I want my hair – she just does her own thing. And while I’m thinking of it, she doesn’t just come to my house…she lives at my house.

“How does she pull it off?” you’re wondering…
I have a 5 year old that can’t be contained – it’s that simple. If they had a project runway for the under 6 crowd, she’d be walking away with the hundred grand.

Ok, so I can’t wear most of her looks in public but hey, aren’t most artists misunderstood?

New Favorite Commercial

Ok, I admit it, my tv doesn’t go off much during the two weeks of the U.S.Open – as a former pro, it’s hard not to get excited and energized by the roar of the New York crowd! (Not that I ever got to experience it from the court first hand!)

Though sometimes I wish I could just sit and stare at the set for 7 hours on end, usually I just keep it so I can check in or scores while I’m going about my other duties around the house.

However, I just put the kids down for a nap and came back to something that made my laugh out loud! I don’t even know what the commercial is for (I missed the beginning), but as a Chicago Bears die-hard fan, I stopped in my tracks when I heard, “Why is Dick Butkus in our office?”

It was two guys sitting at computers with one telling the other that since they’re getting ready to go global, he hired Dick Butkus for an inspirational speech.
“But I’m your only employee,” the other protests while Dick begins his speech…which causes Dick to throw an unkind glare his way.

After a long pause, you hear the offending employee utter, “Sorry Dick Butkus”. I’m still chuckling as I write this!

Don’t be surprised if you hear me throw that into my conversations from now on 🙂