How Children Fly

Tell me this isn’t the cutest interchange between my kids:
Britton: “I know how children can fly – they can ride on God’s back!”

Kariss: “You don’t have to ride on God’s back because you’ll have wings in heaven.”
I love how the practical mixes with the etherial in their minds. Ah, if I could only be more like the little children…


Rock Star & Music Man

We got to try out one of our friend’s church with them this morning since Ricky worked last night (so I could go to the Women’s Retreat at FBC during the day!) and we decided to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel (thanks to a gift card from the Irvines when we were in Florida!); it’s one of our kids’ favorites because they love breakfast SO much!

Of course trying to get into any restaurant at noon on a Sunday is difficult, and Cracker Barrel was no different. Because of the wait, the kids were able to look around in the store. In case you don’t read this often, I shoulod let you know, our kids love music…especially Britton. They quickly discovered a kazoo (which he’s been asking for), a slide whistle and a piano horn. Well, we couldn’t resist – daddy brought them all home in a bag!

The rest of the afternoon (after naps for all of us) was spent marching around the house to the “Music Man” soundtrack, taking turns with each of the instruments. Before we went upstairs, Kariss came running up to me with one last request:
 “Do you want to hear some Rock music? I’ll make it as rocky as I can.”
Who can say no to that???

Kids’ Internal Alarm

Why is it that I’ve had such a hard time waking my kids up at 7am all week for school, but the first weekend they (and my husband!) can sleep in, they’re up at 6:30? Figures.

Oh well, I’m off to my Women’s Retreat at Fellowship Bible Church with Carol Kent and Nicol Sponberg -oops, I guess not yet. I just heard Britton yell, “MAMA, wait, I need to give you a chiss! (kiss)” Immediately followed by him running down the stairs and saying:
“Uh oh, I fell. Not yet, I didn’t fell. I just hurt myself again — a little bit. Oooo, I’m kind of chilly – I need my jacket on. MAMA, I found another pirate hat – I wanna put it on ya – it would look so great.” Seriously, does he get that spew of random thoughts from me????

Grandpa Jerry honked

My dad comes from an era unlike any we know today. He grew up during the Great Depression, fought in WWII and worked extremely hard for everything he has.

He even uses a handkerchief still!

So imagine our amusement when he blew his nose this morning, louder than Britton had ever hear, and he exclaimed, “Grandpa Jerry, you honked!”

Of course, Britton was equally amazed when he turned on a fake tree and his living room that was lit up with white Christmas lights.

Wouldn’t it be nice to still go through life with the eyes of a 3 year old…thinking everything is magical? I think I’ll try it today 🙂

Capturing Beauty

I spent the morning searching for butterflies with my kids. Yesterday at the pool, Kariss diligently sought after a butterfly and was patient and persistent enough to get it to land on both her hand and her foot multiple times.

For our squirmy, easily-freaked out girly-girl, I thought this was quite a feat! So when she wanted to hunt the insect again today, I felt obligated (and delighted) to agree and join in.

Little did I know, we’d not only find one of the largest, most beautiful butterflies I’ve ever seen (I think it’s a Pipevine Swallowtail), but we actually caught it! I somehow managed to coax it into Britton’s bug cage and we discovered it was even more beautiful under the magnifying glass then from afar.

However, the butterfly was so big that it barely fit in the cage. Up until now, we’ve only caught little lightning bugs and crickets, and I’ve never had any qualms about shoving them in the cage and keeping them trapped for my children’s amusement. But for some reason, seeing this magestic creature trapped pulled at my heart strings.

Why should I care more about a beautiful butterfly than a creepy cricket? Are societal stereotypes creeping into every aspect of life now? Perhaps I just need to remember and continue to teach my children that all life is beautiful, not because of how we see it, but because it is beautiful in God’s eyes.

Why am I overanalyzing a morning outing? Who knows, but I do know that a bug’s life really is tough!

because I’m 5 now…

Kariss’ favortie new phrases all end with”…because I’m 5 now.”

For example,
“My clothes don’t fit, because I’m 5 now; I’ll have to buy all new ones”
“I can sharpen a pencil, because I’m 5 now”
“I can reach that, because I’m 5 now”

Keep in mind, these things have all happened overnight. AHHH……to be young again 🙂

Incredible Shrinking Kids

I had big babies.

I don’t say this to boast about my child-birth prowess (of which there is none!), but simply to set the stage for my story: my daughter was just shy of 9 pounds (and came to us one week early) and my son was 9 pounds 5 ounces.

My daughter has always been off the charts at the doctor’s office and worn clothes twice the size of other kids her age because of how tall she was. My son has been wearing 24 month clothing since he was 6 months old.

You can then imagine my surprise as we pulled the summer clothes out of their boxes recently when I discovered most of what we had was too big for them! Kariss, who we’d been buying size 10’s and 12’s for last year was swimming in all her summer offerings. And Britton, who we thought at 3 years old should surely be fitting in a size 3, was suddenly more comfortable in the same 24 month clothing he’s been sporting for the past 3 years!

I never thought I’d be rushing out to buy my kids new clothes in sizes SMALLER than what they had previously worn. Must be that healthy mountain air they’ve been breathing 🙂