Candy Coupons

“Do you have coupons for candy? Do we get to buy some?”

I just received my coupons for free chocolate from the Mars “Real Chocolate Relief Act” promotion (click here to find out how to get yours!), and Britton saw me clipping them when he said the above quote.

Is it sad that my kids know we only get sweets when we have a coupon?


Free Magazine Subscriptions

If you’re interested in a free subscription to Parents magazine, click here to learn how and find other great freebies on our sister site, eCONEmic Living!

More Coupon Sites

Though I haven’t visited all of them, here are more coupon sites tried and tested by moms for those of you who’d rather surf the net than scan the paper!


Frugal Friday – Avoid Fines and Fees

There’s one thing to be said for saving money; there’s another to be said about wasting it.

Before you worry about clipping coupons or stockpiling groceries, make sure you’re not throwing your money away needlessly. A few examples:
*Library Fines
*Service Charges
*Convenience Fees (paying a bill by credit card through the company itslef instead of free bill pay through your bank, for instance)
*Finance Charges (not paying bills on time)

Some companies are notorious for offering “free” items, but they sign you up for a club and if you don’t cancel in a predetermined period of time, you get automatically billed every month. Even something as simple as library books or videos can add up to a lot if not returned on time.
Whether it’s a bill to pay, books to return or a subscription to cancel, make sure you mark it on a central family calendar at least three days in advance of the due date so you don’t get caught with a surprise charge at the last minute.

Grocery Deals by State

If you’re looking for a one stop shop on all the circular’s in your state, visit The Coupon Mom’s site here and you can find all the grocery deals in your state along with the coupon match ups.  It still takes a little time to sort through, but the savings are well worth it!

Free Burger – Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill is giving away a free burger and a chance to win more! Click here to visit their site and sign up or to see if you have a Ted’s in your area.

Publix Deals

There’s a blog called Fiddledeedee that seems to be the guru on the Publix deals and matching coupons with those each week. In TN, our deals run from Wednesday to Tuesday, though in Florida I think it goes from Thursday to Wednesday, so make sure to verify what the sale week is for your area.

Also, Publix offers a Penny Item (sorry, not in FL)  every Sunday and Monday: Usually this will be prominently displayed by the cash registers and for every $10 in groceries you spend (pre-coupon total), you get one of the items for a penny! This past week it was Publix Tortilla chips, last week it was cookies and the week before it was Greenwise Toilet Paper! You can even break your shopping cart into $10 increments so you can stock up (like on the toilet paper). It takes a little more time, but the savings sure are worth it!