Is prayer a burden for you?

I just got back from enjoying a couple hours at the pool with a new friend here in Nashville who invited me and the kids to hang out with her this morning. Of course we stayed longer than we should have (it’s so hard to pull kids away from a pool!), so I was hurrying them through lunch and bedtime preparations in order to salvage nap time.

I had successfully gotten Britton into his bed after a song and a prayer and then went to follow up with Kariss. After she completed her baby’s bedtime routine, she climbed into bed and waited for me to turn on her fan, push play on her CD and chew on her left ear (the latter is a new addition to the routine – she says it gives her goose bumps!). I know she would have been content with just that and I could have walked out of the room and started my own down time. But I felt an internal tug – “you haven’t prayed yet” came from a voice inside of me.

It makes no difference to her,” I thought to myself. Yet just at that moment I was stopped in my tracks.

All at once my mind was flooded with all the prayers that have carried me through my life; while I may not have heard each of them or known they were being prayed at the time, I know I am where I am now thanks to those prayers.

So I quickly turned back, leaned over my little girl and thanked God for who she is, how she takes care of her baby and her brother and most of all for the gift that she is in my life.

Do you see prayer as a burden, something that unnecessarily takes up time in your day, or are you burdened to pray, feeling grateful that God would choose to to sit as His feet and listen to your words and petitions? I pray the latter for you today. Your life and the life of those you pray for will forever be changed as a result of that burden.


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  1. Oh this is a good one!

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