Kariss’ Tooth

We had the distinct privilege of traveling to Atlanta this past weekend. ( I love that we’re now within driving distance of so many of our friends so we can do fun things like making a day trip for a birthday party!) We attended the dual birthday party of the Gurkin boys (they both share a birthday, but 2 years apart) and also were able to spend some time with other Florida friends who have also made the move north – The Whaples. While we didn’t get to spend a great deal of time there, it was so much fun to recharge and renew those relationships!

The drama began late Monday morning when we were finishing a tour of 12 Stone Church (which is one of the most well thought out churches -from a building and efficiency perspective – that we’ve ever seen). We didn’t see what happened, but all of a sudden I see Ricky rushing towards me with Kariss in his arms and blood gushing out of her mouth. She had a knot on her forehead and we couldn’t tell if it was a mouth, tooth or gum injury causing the blood flood (in fact, it was a combination of the three). It took about an hour to get her to settle down and stop the blood from flowing. She wouldn’t move the towels from her mouth, so we never really did get to see what had happened that day. We called our friend’s dentist, who said we should be fine driving back to Nashville and seeing our dentist here, so that’s what we did this morning.

We started at the dentist at 8am this morning. After much difficulty just getting her into the chair, we explained what happened in Atlanta to the assistant. She tried taking films, but the large bit they tried putting in her mouth made her gag multiple times. So then she switched to a smaller bit, but couldn’t get the picture of the tooth they wanted. They then had her sit on top of me in the chair so I could hold the large bit in her mouth, but that just made her throw up on both of us, literally. The dentist finally came in, looked her over thoroughly, examined the films we took and then told us that she actually fractured her front right tooth (and chipped the tooth next to it, which we somehow failed to notice). The tooth is now lower than her other front tooth and the gums are very bruised/discolored, so they put her on antibiotics and we made an appt for two weeks from today. If the tooth drops further or continues to change color, we’ll have to have it extracted before then. We’re holding out hope that the ligaments will tighten and reattach themselves to the tooth.

Well, that’s the 411 for all of you that were interested in the gory details. At least we don’t have any family portraits coming up soon!


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  1. OH MY WORD!!!! My sweet Kariss…..oh gosh. I cannot imagine your “mommy pain” of seeing her in pain. Oh gosh….I miss you!!

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