Happy Birthday, Ricky!

One thing that I’ve learned about my husband is that I can tell how people know him by what they call him…
*If they’ve met him through Starbucks, they know him as Richard (there was already a Rick and a Ricky when he first started there 6 years ago, so he’s been Richard ever since!)

*If people met him in college or after he returned to Florida, he’s typically Rick, but….

*Family always called him “little Ricky”, since his dad is Rick also. So those of us you who have known him all his life, especially the Hobe Sound crew, still usually call him Ricky. Since I knew his sister for years before I ever knew him, I’ve always called him Ricky, and so have my best friends.

Whatever you call him and however long you’ve known him, just be sure you call him today and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


2 Responses

  1. […] wrote a post on our family blog about his many names, so check it out if you’ve always wondered how he got each of them! And […]

  2. HEy, what about TRIX? 😉

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