Benefits of Tax Day

Thankfully, we finished our taxes back in February. So since Ricky had the day off today, we just got to reap the benefits of family time and freebies!

We truly enjoyed going to Maggie Moo’s for free ice cream, but it’s hard to explain to preschoolers why it’s ok to get free ice cream in the middle of the day, but we can’t get all the yummy extras or the pretty sprinkle cones. They haven’t grapsed the concept of coupons just yet. Though, to the chagrin of my husband,a  regular part of my daughter’s vocabulary when we’re in a store is, “Mommy, is this on sale? Can we buy it when it goes on sale?” You go girl! There’s nothing wrong with being thrifty!

A few things that the kids said today that tickled me:
Britton: “I can rock the beat” (while drumming on his electric drum set courtesy of Grandpa Jerry & Mariko)
Kariss: “Britton, pinkie promise?”
Seriously… where do they come up with these things?


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