How did you find daddy?

Britton’s been throwing up all morning, so Kariss and I have had a little more time together today during his bouts of rest. She asked me this as I was making her grits for lunch (I gave her a choice since she’s been acting so beautifully today and caring for her brother so well – needless to say I don’t make them like daddy does since I don’t eat them!)

So the conversation went a bit like this:
Kariss: “How did you find daddy?”
Mommy: “I didn’t, God did.”
K: “God found daddy????”
M: “I tried for a long time to find a husband and I couldn’t find the perfect one. So one day I finally said, ‘God, please help me find the perfect man for me. Two days later, I met daddy.”
K: “I’m glad you found that daddy. He’s the perfect daddy. He’s super funny and all that.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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