Kid Update

I have to give the grandparents a little something to brag about:
Kariss party

Kariss: we had her tested for Kindergarten readiness since she technically misses the cutoff for some of the schools here. She scored a 42/45 on the standardized assessment test! Even though she is academically ready, we’re learning that the culture here where we live tends to keep kids back a year, so we’ll see what happens. We knew she was a bright girl!


Britton: Our cowboy, clown and musician. Here are the results of the rapid fire “favorites” poll I threw at him this morning:
Animal: giraffe
Colors: Blue, green, pink, red (in that specific order, I suppose, though now he’s adding on brown, orange and purple – so I guess anything goes!)
Favorite restaurant at Disney World: Chef Mickey’s
Favorite Park item: Run as fast as I can and go on horsies
Favorite Park: Red “Taboose” Park (should be Caboose)
Favorite Drink: “lentemade” (lemonade)

Doesn’t that really cover everything important in the life of a 3 year old? (Though I’m still trying to figure out the giraffe answer…)


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