Sweet boy, Great hair

We’ve been meeting a lot of new people lately, but for some reason, this week more than ever, we’ve consistently been hearing two things about our little boy from EVERYONE we come into contact with: “He’s such a sweet boy and he’s got such great hair!” Seriously, I’m talking strangers in Publix, church workers, YMCA playroom, old friends, you name it – people who watch him for more than three seconds automatically come to the same conclusion. And we’d have to agree.

What’s even funnier is that Britton had to come in big church with us tonight becuase the three year old class was full. We realized two things after this experience:
1. No matter how “over their head” you think a conversation may be for kids, you’re WRONG. They hear EVERYTHING! Britton seemed to be coloring during the sermon, but every other minute he’d repeat a word the pastor said, “SELFLESS?” “BIBLE?” “CRAZY?” It’s like he was amazed that some stranger used the same vocabulary that we did in our home. The funniest moment was when the pastor said “legally” and Britton turned to me and said, “WIGGLY???” – yes, everything in Britton’s world eventually comes back to the Wiggles.
The childcare director happened to be sitting in the row in front of us and after service she turned around and said, “That was seriously the sweetest and funniest thing I think I’ve ever heard.” We know – he’s ours and we still think he’s hysterical!

2. We need to travel everywhere with at least 6 crayons; not because Britton likes to color, but ever since the Disney cruise he’s become obsessed with peeling crayons. No joke. Aside from repeating words as mentioned above, the boy “sat” quitely for over a half hour obsessed with stripping those crayons. Not a bad deal.


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