Break it out of the box!

I don’t know why I wait so long to try new things I buy – call it guilt, buyer’s remorse or sheer doubt, but as much as I love finding a good deal or a new gadget, I more often than not return it before I ever get the chance to test it out.

You all have already heard how thankful I am that I finally busted out the Magic Bullet, but now I have two “new” products to bring you: the not so new George Foreman Grill and the very new “Magic Jack”. We saw the mini grill for a few bucks last year and figured it wouldn’t hurt, but never really believed it worked. Well, in my attempt to try something new tonight (I’ll post my meal plan from today later as I think it’s worthy of sharing in an attempt to help out friends that might be caught up in the same menu stasis I had hit), I decided to unpack the grill and try my hand at BBQ chicken. Even though all I had was frozen tenderloins to work with, it did not disappoint: quick, tender, juicy and full of flavor – YUM!

What you may not have heard of (or may have seen the infomercial and dismissed it like we do with so many) is the Magicjack. Essentially, it’s a phone jack you plug into your USB port and voila, hello home phone. I bought mine for around $40 at Radio Shack and included is the $20/year phone service for the first year. Yes, $20 for an entire year of phone service including voice mail. What’s great is that you can take it ANYWHERE, plug it into your computer, and it still operates with the same number. Cool, huh? Hey, it beats $30 a month or more for something that’s rarely used, yet it gives a little more security than simply relying on a home phone as your primary means of communcation.

Ok, that’s all the plugs I have for now…too bad I’m not getting any commission on these. Ah, American publicity at it’s finest.


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