What do you believe?

In church this Saturday we saw a homemade video from Penn Gilette (of Penn & Teller fame). It was a rough cut, but in it he essentially described how he was a true atheist, yet had met a kind fan who, after some very honest and unsoliticed flattery, gave him a copy of a Bible.

While he said one kind man’s actions would not sway his opinion, he went on to say that he had the utmost respect for this man because of how he lived out his convictions. He could not understand how an individual, fully believing that if you don’t know Christ you go to hell, would fail to tell anyone of this truth. He likened it to seeing a friend standing in the street about to be hit by a truck and not telling them the truck was coming.

I appreciated his honesty and perspective. So I guess the question isn’t only WHAT do you believe, but are you living in a way that you want others to know what it is you believe as well? A challenge for all of us to walk the walk.


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