I’m Competitive

Don’t give me that fake shocked sound. I don’t know why this epiphany just came to me last night or why it’s been dormant so long (blame two children 19 months apart in age that I’m trying to teach it’s how you play the game that counts…). It started to surface again when I recently discovered a friend’s Wii and then someone mentioned tennis in church yesterday and poof! It just reappeared!

Yes, I’m an only child. Yes, I like to make my point known. Yes, the worldly individual within would still like to brag of my vast sport and artistic accomplishments. However, I somehow adapted the notion that as a Christian we should just allow ourselves to be relegated to second place.

Shame! I should be passionate in all my pursuits, whether on the field or in the battlefield of life; whether cheering on my poor Cubbies or sharing my testimony. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not claiming liscense to bulldozer over people and make them submit to my way. No sir. I’m just saying that life would be a lot more boring if we just went around living the way we thought others expected us to live without pursuing our passions to our fullest potential. Game on!


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  1. Ooohhh…the Wii is so on my wish list.

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