Sunday in Nashville

So today we, along with the rest of the state, attended church. My husband likes to remind me of this little nugget he picked up when he went to school here:
“In Nashville, it doesn’t matter what you do on Saturday night but your butt better be in church on Sunday morning”.
Today we attended Fellowship Bible Church in Brentwood and got to hear Michael Easley teach (President Emeritus of the Moody Bible Institute). What a treat to hear someone so passionate about the Word of God yet so normal – I know, it shouldn’t be an oxymoron, yet it takes a brilliant (and humble) individual to both possess knowledge and be able to communicate said knowledge effectively.

While I’m enjoying great hair days here, my children look like they constantly have their finger in a socket. While Kariss has kept her curly, golden locks, Britton’s hair could not be straighter, which has also made it that much longer. If I wasn’t so afraid of my husband’s reaction (I don’t want to repeat the Great Clips episode from back in October), I’d have taken scissors to it myself. Alas, we wait for his fashion sense and fatherly pride to take him to the appropriate stylist.

Oh yeah, one more thing…Did you know I married a country music star? On our search today to find a washer and dryer (sidenote: no-one in TN leaves their appliances when the move! We were lucky this was all we needed to replace.) and a couch, my husband got asked a funny question at the end of our day.
Salesperson: “Are you in the music industry?”
Ricky (chuckling): “No”
Salesperson: “You’re not a country music star?”
Ricky: “No”
Salesperson: “Well you sure do look like one”

Golly, let me walk him right over to music row and sign him up for a recording contract – I’m sure that’s all it takes around here. “But Mr. Record Executive, Darrel over at the furniture store said he’s got the look…”

All joking aside, we’ve always known my love does have his own individual sense of style, and we all know he has the talent, so I guess you never know…


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