Favorite Things My Kids Said Today

Britton: “Put my sword in my pants!”
Today was the first day I was up and about in 3 days, so you can imagine my amusement when I was getting breakfast ready and I heard this comment from the other room. What you have to understand is that in true pirate form, Britton always wants to carry his plastic swords on him, which means that then usually end up stuck down his pants with the handle sticking out of the waistband (which I need to remember before trying to sit him in his booster seat!)

Kariss: “Hang on God, don’t talk yet!”
I read the kids “The Legend of the Three Trees” tonight for the first time (a belated Christmas present – you need to check out this wonderful fable about how God’s dreams are bigger than our own.) Kariss has been dreaming that she could fly like Tinkerbell, so I told her that maybe God has an even better dream for her. I told her how I’ll ask God questions and then sit quietly and wait to hear his voice in my head or my heart. So she asked him about His dreams for her, but then said the above quote because I started talking to Britton and she was afraid we wouldn’t be able to hear him… too cute.


Oh Magic Bullet, what have I done without you for so long?

Yes, I’ve seen the crazy infomercials, and I too thought it was too good to be true. But I kept hearing it come up in conversations, then in Jessica Seinfeld’s Deceptively Delicious cookbook, which is also a wonderful resource you should check out!

So, I caved in an bought one from Costco last year. But in typical Sami fashion, I left it untouched in its box in our garage thinking I could probably spend the $49 better elsewhere and would ultimately take it back.

Well, it made the trip to TN and when I couldn’t find any other of my kitchen utensils, I popped it out and WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you knew it I’d created dressings, pesto, pureed fruit and veggies, sauces, salsa, smoothies and freshly grated cheese….I couldn’t stop! It’s so small, so easy and so efficient.

I’ll stop before I sound like my own infomercial, but seriously, consider ditching your blender, food processor, grater and the like and pick up one of these little babies. You too will soon be singing it’s praises like me (and if you live near Bellevue, please come help me eat everything I’ve whipped up!!!)

Kid Tip

Never buy crayons.

Yes, you heard me correctly. No, I’m not protesting anything, I’ve just come to realize that we get so many free crayons everywhere we go (restaurants, grocery stores, malls, church, etc), that there is really no need to ever spend the money on them (unless of course you’re looking for that perfect shade of maize or crimson that the free crayon purveyors don’t seem to specialize in that you can’t seem to live without!)

Is Every Kid Sick Right Now?

The past two days, Britton has been his usual, chipper self. But around bedtime the past two nights he’s become weak and pale, progressing to extremely high fevers with chills and nausea throughout the night. Luckily, Kariss has avoided it (sidenote – she’s officially 4 1/2 today!), so we pray our little man will come out of it soon!

It’s Like Vacation

I almost feel like I’ve been on vacation!

Now, don’t get me wrong. A lot has gone on in my life this week, both at home and with work. I’ve had a lot of projects to complete and there is still a lot to do with the house before I can confidently say we’re settled. However, one of the biggest reasons we moved to Nashville was to focus on our family more and that’s what we’ve been doing.

Just yesterday, we spent the morning at Centennial Park which not only has some amazing historical monuments, but also a beautifully vast part and large playground. From there we ate at another Nashville staple, Monell’s, which is essentially southern food at its best served family style (you sit at a 12 person table and there are only 4 of such tables in the whole place).

Today was the one day a year where The Country Music Hall of Fame is free (normally it’s around $20 per person just to get in), so we got there before any lines formed and had fun experiencing a bit of why Nashville is referred to as Music City, USA. For breakfast we introduced the kids to Pancake Pantry in West End – another old favorite of ours and just about everyone else in town (I’ll soon upload the picture of what the line outside looked like just to get in! Not to mention it was only 30 degrees out this morning!)

So, that being said, I’m thankful. I’m so happy to be in such a beautiful place where there’s always something to do…and I can’t wait to do more!

A Thrifty Thought

Don’t automatically assume that you’ll find the best deals at Costco or Sam’s Club. Though there are some gems to discover, more often than not you’ll do better waiting for the name brand to go on sale at your local grocery store and then buying the smallest quantity while using a coupon. Though typically bigger items are the better deal, if you wait for a sale, you can usually google the product online, print off multiple coupons, and then use those coupons to make a smaller bottle/box of something almost free!

For example, I used to buy the biggest can of baby formula when I was in that stage of life. But I was ALWAYS getting coupons in the mail. So what I did was instead of buying a 30 oz can for $15 with a $3 coupon (equalling $12), I’d buy two 15 oz cans which might be around $8 each, use a $3 coupon for each, and still get 30 oz but for only $10. Though the price per ounce is initially higher for the smaller cans, you actually save money buying smaller by using a coupon for each can! It might not seem like a lot, but you’d be surprised how quickly that adds up!

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Today was the second week of the new Bible Study I just joined at Fellowship Bible Church, “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” (by Tedd Tripp). Not only has it proven to be a great study so far, (though I’ve told my husband all the things we’re doing wrong and his reply was, “well, what do I need to do then” and all I could say was, “I don’t know, we haven’t gotten that far yet!”) but I’m in a small group with a lot of wonderful women my age who also have children the same ages as mine! What a joy it is to commiserate with other like minded women who are just as clueless, yet hopeful, as I am when it comes to parenting 🙂