Cattle, I mean, Casting Calls

Well, I have yet to turn into a stage mom chauffering my kids back and forth to Miami for auditions and photo shoots, partially because I think I’d enjoy it more than my children would! That being said, it was hard to resist going to the GapKids Casting Call in our own mall! Much to my surprise, many other mothers had the same idea (and I think some of the moms thought they were auditioning as well!)

Let me start by saying that I have no idea how the Gap people will ever pick four winners out of the thousands of kids who enter. Just by looking around the samplings of Palm Beach County, there are a lot of cute, unique looking children out there! On the other hand, I couldn’t believe some moms really believed their child could win this competition. I know, I know, that’s cruel to say, but I guess it just goes to show that everyone thinks their kid is the cutest on earth. Which has led me and my husband to begin production on the latest reality smash hit show, “So you think your kid is cute?” Any willing producers out there? Don’t you dare steal this idea without giving us credit!!!


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