5th Anniversary

For someone who’s previously considered 3 months a long-term relationship, I find it hard to believe I’ve been married to my best friend for five years today. Although we knew after one week that we were supposed to get married, I never imagined the past six years would have flown by so fast. Add to the mix a newly-turned 4 year old little girl and a sweet 2 1/2 year old little boy, and you have a formula I certainly could not have predicted, but could not appreciate more.

Having just taken both our children to a Montessori school for a trial day yesterday, my mind is spinning at the thought of our kids going to school already! Not that it’s happening yet, but seriously, what happened to the days of strolling out in the street to make our daily Publix/Wal-Mart run with the other neighborhood preschoolers? They’ve been lost amidst swim lessons, gymnastics, school preparation and overall growing up. When they say this stage moves too quickly, trust me, it moves to quickly.

That being said, I can’t imagine doing it any differently. As I learn more about my husbands and my kids every day, I become a better person myself. When I stop to look at life through their eyes, I see less of myself and more of God’s grace and sense of humor! I pray the next five years will continue to be filled with more family traditions, better organization, a few more trips to Disney World, afternoons cooking together, evenings flapping my kids in the sheets before bed, koala bear hugs, dress up, singing, dancing, creative versions of date-nights, and an overall mission of turning our kids into kind, responsible, functioning citizens with a love for God and one another.  I know marriage and family-rearing will never be easy, but I’m confident it is very worth while!


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