birthday cake

so tomorrow is Kariss’ 4th birthday. Once again, I’ve attempted to make a cake myself. Since we’re having her party at Johnny Rockets, I thought I would do a simple chocolate round cake and fashion it into a record. Instead, it is now 12:30am and I’ve just “finished” a 4 tier chocolate berry monstrosity…does Publix do rush jobs?????


Why does it cost so much to eat healthy?

I just spent $1.77 on lunch for myself and my kids…so why am I not on a bargain buzz right now? Because we ate at McDonalds! It’s hard to resist their Wednesday/Sunday summer special, especially when I also had coupons for free fries and a drink, but then I feel awful for making my kids eat such garbage in the name of saving money. So why is it that it’s so cheap to eat crappy food yet buying healthy (organic) food could eat you out of house and home? Yet another question for the ages.

I do have to say that my kids did amaze me today. I believe that some of the best lessons in life come from watching and listening to our children. Though I often find myself shushing my daughter because she’ll ask if someone is a boy or girl, or wonder why some lady in the produce section has such a big bum, they are often blind to human differences when it comes to reaching out to others.

We went to see a free movie today and the ticket taker was a quite disabled man in a wheelchair. My kids did not hesitate or avert their eyes, but simply walked up to him, gave him their tickets, said hi and walked merrily along. Even as we got ready to eat at McDonalds, Britton announced for the umpteenth time today that he needed to pee. We asked a kind group of black ladies next to us if they would mind watching our food, to which they kindly obliged. Britton proceeded to say hi and thank you to them, along with everyone along our route to the bathroom which included an elderly woman with a severely disfigured face, a table of businessmen and one other family. He didn’t notice who we was greeting so much as the fact that there were people who appreciated his greeting…I wish my heart and mind would remain as open and sensitive to ALL of God’s people and not simply the ones who make me comfortable.