What’s new in June

Well, let’s see if I can bring you up to speed on what June has meant to us so far:
*My husband turned 35 on June 2nd – we had an awesome suprise birthday party at Chick-FIl-A (yes, Chick-Fil-A! and it rocked! NO-one ever thought we could have an adult’s party there and they TOTALLY went out of their way to make it a fantastic night…who doesn’t love chicken?)
*Ricky took the kids to their first movie in a theater today – three cheers for free summer kids movies!
*Britton is wearing Big Boy Underwear! Though he doesn’t fully understand the difference between diapers and briefs, he’s been making many trips to the potty throughout the day, including when we’re out and about (those of you with little ones can appreciate this – sorry to bore the rest of you!)




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  1. Hello Cone Family!!! We have missed y’all so much & can’t wait for the next trip to Nashville when we can visit much more with y’all! Happy birthday Ricky…prayed for you on your special day! Glad to see a few more pics of everyone. I tried numerous times to email you about the one you sent with an update & pictures from the wedding but it kept coming back to me. That was such a fun time & we were SOOO grateful y’all were there to share in that day with us.

    Thanks for sharing the update with us about the family. When is your next Nashville visit? Our house is always open to y’all! Give everyone our love.
    Love y’all, Cara & Brian

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