Bargain Queen

I’ve always admired people that have the time to not only cut coupons and find deals, but then go on to share their tips and tricks with others. Most of you know my affinity for the freebie and have often suggested I do the same, but who has the time to both save and share? Well, I pulled off a deal SO sweet today, that I felt the need to post about it:

My favorite cereal, Smart Start (I found out about it when I was pregnant becuase of the high Iron level and great taste!) happened to be BOGO (buy one get one free) at Winn Dixie. I’m regularly a Publix shopper and though I’m usually not a fan of driving all around town just to get deals at different stores, the Winn Dixie is in the same plaza where Kariss had gymnastics today, so I didn’t waste any gas 🙂 Anyway, in addition to the aforementioned deal, they also had a new type of smart start that was not only BOGO, but had a rebate to try it for free. Couple that with the $1.00 off coupon I found on every box, and I ended up paying about $2 for 6 boxes of cereal that are normally $4.09 each….come on, you have to be excited about that!!!!

While I’m preaching, here are my other tips:
* Whenever there’s a rebate, fill it out the minute you get home so you don’t forget later
* Check frequently with stores like Staples or Walgreens who frequently offer things for free. For example, Walgreens has monthly items you get for free, simply by sending in the rebate. AND when you request your rebate back in the form of a gift card, you get an extra 10%, so you actually make money. So, you have to pay out of pocket the first time, but then you keep using your gift card as the months go on and continue to stockpile the cash for things you really need (not to mention they’re always offering good necessities like medicine, toothpaste and hair products)
* Keep a running list of things you need so it’s easier to recognize what you really need when things are on sale. Plus, when you make lists, especially for grocery shopping, you’re likely to buy less and spend less. If you keep a list of clothes you need to replace, then you’re only buying what’s truly necessary in your wardrobe and then you can get rid of the old piece of clothing.
* Take time before shopping to check out the store circulars to see what’s on sale and plan your menus around it
* Sign up for “point” websites where you can earn points for clicking open emails or answering short surveys that then lead to gift cards for great retail stores and restaurants.
* The key for taking advantage of “free” trials is reading the fine print and keeping a log of what you’ve signed up for and when it needs to be cancelled by.

Ok, well, I think that’s enough for now. If I come across and more hot deals, I’ll be sure to pass them along!


$70 for gas? Are you kidding me?

I’m not that old, yet I’m starting to sound like my father…”I remember when I could fill up my car with a tank of gas for under $10″ and that’s when I was in college! So when I hit empty tonight and went to fill up our reliable, non-gas hog, 2001 Camry, my eyes could not believe the numbers that kept scrolling up and up and up, all the way to almost $70! At least there used to be a game piece I could scratch off if I filled up; not even a freebie or a contest out of that…what is this world coming to?

Ok dad, this is the time to chime in with how you used to be able to buy 2 “sandwiches” (aka, Chicago Style Hot Dogs) plus fries and a drink for a nickel, and still have enough left over for a movie…ah, the good ole’ days… Looks like we may become a one-car family again after all!

What’s new in June

Well, let’s see if I can bring you up to speed on what June has meant to us so far:
*My husband turned 35 on June 2nd – we had an awesome suprise birthday party at Chick-FIl-A (yes, Chick-Fil-A! and it rocked! NO-one ever thought we could have an adult’s party there and they TOTALLY went out of their way to make it a fantastic night…who doesn’t love chicken?)
*Ricky took the kids to their first movie in a theater today – three cheers for free summer kids movies!
*Britton is wearing Big Boy Underwear! Though he doesn’t fully understand the difference between diapers and briefs, he’s been making many trips to the potty throughout the day, including when we’re out and about (those of you with little ones can appreciate this – sorry to bore the rest of you!)