Someone should tell me these things!

So I return home this afternoon from a typical visit to the library (except that we rented 15 CD’s instead of Wiggles DVD’s in our continuing attempt to keep the tv off this week) only to find that I’m missing an earing, have a big hole in the back of my shorts and there’s oatmeal stuck in my teeth…don’t you think at least one other mom of toddlers would have felt my pain and shed some light on my tattered state? Or did their empathy kick in and they figured, “good for her – at least her shoes match and she hasn’t lost her kids in the card catalog…” (hahaha – did you pick up on the irony – has anyone even seen a card catalog in the last decade?) I really should be asleep now, but there’s a sale at winkflash on photobooks that ends at midnight, and you know I can’t pass up a deal like that!


2 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you’re back to regular blogging!
    Here’s what I’m sure happened today-
    Even when you think you’re a “tattered mess” no one around you can tell. I’m sure any other woman (especially any other mom of toddlers) was looking at you thinking “Just how does she do it…”
    You are Beautiful and I Love you! Even when you think you’re a tattered mess!

  2. You are too much! I, of course, love the part about the bargain…you silly freebie girl!

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