My Favorite Night of TV

Just everyone around me was complaining that the TV wasn’t worth watching anymore after the end of “Idol”, “Dancing with the Stars” and the like, I would like to counter by saying that my FAVORITE show has started again ~ SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, DANCE, DANCE…. So now my Thursday is not only engulfed with the 2 hours of some of the best and worst dance auditions ever, but my other new dance find, STEP IT UP AND DANCE, comes on right after!

I used to tell my students not to bother trying to reach me if a Bulls game was on TV (remember I’m a Chicago girl and child of the 80’s…we’re talking Michael Jordan and 6 championships in one decade people!), but now I can safely say that no one should even attempt to reach me on Thursday nights. Not that I ever hear my cell phone as it is! As you can tell, I should be getting back to the tv right now, but I was feeling guilty for my self-indulgence, so I thought the least I could do was write a blog about it! (Better than cleaning the kitchen!) Gotta go and stretch to attempt things I couldn’t even do before kids, much less all these years and pounds after childbirth!!! Dare to dream girl, dare to dream…


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  1. Cute! Keep it up! You are such a great writer and I like to visit your page!

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