Counting M&M’s in Frenchimg_2019web.jpgimg_2025web.jpgWalking hand in hand The kids had one of their first normal days in awhile. While school is starting all around us, we made the decision not to put Kariss in preschool this year. Instead, we’ve found some wonderful programs at our community center (not to mention a great playground!) and I’m going to be doing to be spending some more intentional time with her at home learning new things! Today we sorted M&M’s into different bowls based on colors (in French), then counted each bowlful (in French) and decided which color had the most M&M’s (plus grand) and which color had the least (plus petit…it was yellow/jaune, in case you were wondering!). Then we jumped rope and sang “des bons bons chocolats, un pour toi & un pour moi”.  All in all, it was fun and educational, especially since Bubby was still sleeping!


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  1. Look at her smile as she sorts…she loves to learn! Sponge!!

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