Kariss’ Endoscopy

Ballerina KarissBallerina Kariss hugging BrittonI wanted to once again update all of you on Kariss’ condition. While you wouldn’t know it from looking at her, she’s been consistently still complaining of stomach pain. So when we went back to her specialist on Thursday, he said that the logical next step would be to perform an endoscopy since the area where she’s experiencing pain (her stomach) is consistent with the original test findings (helicobacter gastritis) from July.

SO, PLEASE be in prayer as we go to St. Mary’s tomorrow morning at 7am. They said the procedure should begin about 8:45 or 9am and should only last 10-15 minutes. The doctor will put a camera down her throat and take two biopsies to send off to pathology. He’ll talk with us about what he sees with the “naked eye” after the procedure, but we’ll also have to wait on the pathology reports. It is an outpatient procedure being done at the hospital. (For those of you not from here, St. Mary’s is one of the best hospitals for children in our area). Our doctor, Dr. Adams, will be performing the endoscopy, so we feel like we’re in good care. Our main concern is that Kariss will be given an IV and will be put under during the endoscopy, so please pray that she wont feel pain or be afraid during any part of the event.


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